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2 American Girl Mini Illuma Cubes / Box with Rooms


Excellent, fabulous, hard-to-find.  Nothing like these ever will be made again. From American Girl AG Mini*s “Illuma-Room” sets! Decorate it one way, then redo it again and again!

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Product Description

This is for 2 Cubes full of American Doll Illuma Rooms

  • 1 Room is set up to be a living room
  • 1 Room is set up to be a shoe/purse store

Illuma-Room Painted white, wooden display box has magnetic interior walls so panels and trim attach and can be moved easily. Box is pre-wired/electrified with seven tiny outlets so lights really work.   Each box measures 14″ wide by 12 3/8″ high by 11″ deep.

All pieces attach to magnetic interior walls. Just pop them on, then change them around plus the boxes are stack-able!!! 


  • 2 Illuma Room Cube Boxes
  • Reversible wall panels and much more
  • Lots of fun accessories, shelves, frames, rugs, couches, and more!!!!
  • Everything seen in pictures
  • Has 1 lamp that lights up
  • The brown table is supposed to light up but one of the metal pieces that conects to the outlet is broken off (as seen in picture)
  • 1 AC adapter

To get the “Electricity” to work:
Each box has 2 outlets in the back – 1 outlet controls 3 of the plug ins and 1 outlet controls the other 2 plug ins.
Each outlet has been tested and they all work!  It even has a ceiling light!!
Each outlet uses 1 AC adapter.  I am including 1.  The boxes require 4 total for ALL outlets to function.
In this case if you only have the 1 AC adapter that I am including you can use it and 3 of the plug ins will work until you purchase more.  So they are not necessarily to have all 4 at once.


Used but in great condition.
The boxes have a few imperfections on the outside of the box (very hard to see but I did take a picture of it) and when you stack them it is even more unnoticeable.
Smoke free home.

Here’s some background on these great items, if you’re not familiar with them:

Amazingly detailed, all AG Mini*s items, made only from 2000-2002, were high-quality miniatures, furniture, and decor that cleverly and securely attached with built-in magnets (even the smallest items) to these rooms with a view–and they light up! Authentic materials make everything look and feel so real. Wood items are wooden, metal items are metal, hay is hay . . . and so on. All items were made by Pleasant Company, specifically for Illuma-Room, which is NOT the scale of the 18″ American Girl dolls. Because of the size of AG Mini*s, they were recommended for ages 8 and up. Although made for older children, I can imagine these little works of art on display in an adult home–as art. Perhaps the sets were made for only two years because of the sale of Pleasant Company to Mattel. They also were very expensive for the company to produce and very expensive for buyers to purchase. Whatever the reason, the likes of these rare sets–for the doll or dollhouse or art enthusiast–probably never will be rivaled in the future and become harder to find with each passing year.

Additional Information

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